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Motorcycle Injuries

A bad accident may require skin-grafts, plastic surgery, or a skilled neurologist to diagnose a bad head injury, like traumatic brain injury (“TBI”). TBI can greatly impact one’s life, causing Read More

Failure to disclose real property defects

In California, the courts have held that a failure to disclose physical defects in real property, such as a construction defect or soil erosion, can be the grounds for a Read More

Do I have to answer interrogatories or appear for a deposition?

A lawsuit can be a time consuming and stressful experience. While an attorney will help alleviate much of the stress, there will come a time where you must testify or Read More

Jury Awards $29.1 million for Nursing Home Abuse

Nursing homes and assisted living facilities have become a common necessity as the population of the US lives longer and requires regular care in their twilight years. Sadly there are Read More

Slip and Fall Injuries

A faulty set of stairs, a concealed hole along a grassy pathway, an unseen water stain on a dark-colored rug, or even a pedestrian walkway under construction with no detour Read More

Deadly dog attacks

How much damage can a dog bite cause?  A Florida woman nearly lost an ankle when a 100 pound dog attacked her. After multiple surgeries, she even lost three inches Read More

Popcorn Lung

Did you know that eating too much microwaveable popcorn could take away your lung capacity? A Colorado man found out the hard way when he contracted bronchiolitis obliterans or “popcorn lung” Read More

What is mediation?

Mediation is a proceeding which is often conducted by private companies but is sometimes also conducted by the courts. In most cases the parties, plaintiff(s) and defendant(s), are separated from Read More

What damages can an heir claim in a wrongful death suit?

What damages can an heir claim in a wrongful death suit? The courts have allowed a great deal of leeway to juries and judges who are tasked with making an award Read More

What is Arbitration?

Arbitration is a trial like proceeding usually held by a private company such as American Arbitration Association or Judicate West. Arbitration follows many of the same proceedings as trial, including Read More

Viewing 1 - 10 out of 10 posts