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Injured on the job in California

If you were injured while under the scope and course of your employment, you can collect benefits for being off the job and paying for medical expenses from your employer Read More

Public Entity Claims

Ordinarily, plaintiffs have some protection against statutes of limitation involving unknown defendants. The use of “doe” defendants can allow plaintiffs to preserve a statute of limitation and then amend later Read More

Does a felony conviction impact your civil case?

What impact, if any, does a past felony conviction have on a civil case? Someone with a past felony conviction(s), which has not been expunged, sealed or otherwise made inaccessible to Read More

Steps to take immediately following an accident

The most important steps to take immediately following an accident What you do directly after sustaining a personal injury can have a major impact on any claim you make. Obviously, the Read More

The driver who hit me fled the scene or was not insured and has no assets, what do I do now?

You may still be able to recover your damages if your own policy has an uninsured/under-insured motorist (“UM” and “UIM,” respectively) policy. You must first exhaust any worker’s compensation policies Read More

Personal Injury Statutes of Repose

Victims of an accident are often shocked to find that, having waited too long to take action against the party responsible for their injuries, they are statutorily barred from doing Read More

The majority of motorcycle crashes with other vehicles are not the motorcyclist’s fault

A study by the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (“NHTSA”) found that, “While occupant (and nonoccupant) fatalities [in cars] have decreased, motorcyclist fatalities have steadily increased” (Motorcycle Crash Causes 1). Read More

What is my personal injury case worth?

There are myriad factors to consider in determining the potential value of a personal injury claim. Obviously, the extent and nature of the injuries, along with liability, will be the Read More

Late Notices to Public Entities

In a previous article, some of the immunities that public entities enjoy against civil litigation were considered. A related topic involves the pre-litigation notice that such entities are statutorily entitled Read More

Brain Injury

Read More

The person who injured me filed bankruptcy. How does this affect my case?

A bankruptcy proceeding filed by the party or parties that injured you can result in a stay of your claim. The defendant may be able to stop your lawsuit against Read More

Motorcycle Injuries

A bad accident may require skin-grafts, plastic surgery, or a skilled neurologist to diagnose a bad head injury, like traumatic brain injury (“TBI”). TBI can greatly impact one’s life, causing Read More

Slip and Fall Injuries

A faulty set of stairs, a concealed hole along a grassy pathway, an unseen water stain on a dark-colored rug, or even a pedestrian walkway under construction with no detour Read More

What is Arbitration?

Arbitration is a trial like proceeding usually held by a private company such as American Arbitration Association or Judicate West. Arbitration follows many of the same proceedings as trial, including Read More

Jury awards $31.5 million for motor vehicle accident

A San Bernardino jury awarded $31.5 million to a 66-year old Lancaster resident who suffered an injury after an automobile accident in Pinon Hills, California. In addition to the driver of the Read More

Discovery Delays & Statues of Limitations

Statutes of limitation time-bar most civil and criminal cases if a lawsuit is not commenced by some prescribed date. Generally, this date is calculated from the date of the accident Read More

Viewing 1 - 16 out of 16 posts