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  • Jury Awards $29.1 million for Nursing Home Abuse

Jury Awards $29.1 million for Nursing Home Abuse

Nursing homes and assisted living facilities have become a common necessity as the population of the US lives longer and requires regular care in their twilight years. Sadly there are some companies that will, in order to increase their profit margin, take advantage of elders who may be unable to prevent the mistreatment. Negligence, isolation or botched medical procedures are just a few of the ways that these facilities may seriously hurt the elderly. However older residents of the state, aged 65 or more, are entitled to further damages when they are subject to such abuse.

For example, jurors in a trial against a Northern California based nursing home facility awarded a total of $29.91 million in damages to a 79 year old woman who died under their care. About 28 million of this award was for punitive damages due to the elder abuse component.

Facilities like the one in the story should not be allowed to use understaffing as an excuse to hurt or kill the elderly. If you, or someone you know, has suffered as a result of a nursing home’s negligence, I urge you to contact my office immediately.