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Motorcycle Injuries

A bad accident may require skin-grafts, plastic surgery, or a skilled neurologist to diagnose a bad head injury, like traumatic brain injury (“TBI”). TBI can greatly impact one’s life, causing a loss of independence and possibly making someone permanently disabled. Unfortunately, motorcycle accidents are more likely to cause TBI in the rider, and even with immediate and continual treatment TBI can devastate a rider and their family.

If you or someone you know was injured it is important to seek immediate treatment to diagnose your injuries. It is possible to suffer from a head injury without even realizing it, and a failure to treat can result in even more devastating consequences. According to the CDC, there are many symptoms of TBI, and these can range from headaches to dizziness, blurred vision, nausea, sleeping problems, feeling sluggish or tired, and an array of problems related to memory and thinking.