I Was Able to Put My Life Back Together

”When a garbage truck hung a left turn in front of me I thought my life had been destroyed. I almost lost everything. I went through back surgery and Mr. Rosenblit was there for me. When we settled the case I ended up with much more money than I'd expected and I was able to put my life back together.…”


The Insurance Company Paid a Big Settlement

”My husband and I were renting a house. Soon after moving in I tripped over the carpet that had been improperly put down near the laundry room. Mr. Rosenblit was very aggressive and when he filed the lawsuit he caught the landlord in a big lie about his knowledge of the condition of the carpet before we moved in. The insurance company paid a big settlement right after that..…”


Joe Rosenblit Fought Hard for Me

”A large tree branch fell on me. I had surgeries on my shoulder, wrist and foot. Joe Rosenblit fought hard for me and got a very large settlement on the eve of trial.”


Mr. Rosenblit took my case after two other lawyers rejected it

"I had just about given up on my negligence case against the County and Joe Rosenblit got me over a million dollars..."